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Food van built and ready to fill with appliances. This unit is a solid, loacally built 3.6m body suitable for up to 3 people to work in. It has been fitted with 240V power and is ready for benchs and appliances. We can fit all of these or leave it up to you. If you are on a budget and want something quick then this is for you.


Base model food truck std features

-3.6m body length ideal for up to 3 people

-50mm thick insulated walls

-Extruded aluminium capping to all joins

-In house made Blue steel chassis painted in your colour choice

-Marine ply floor lined internally with non-slip checker plate

-Three point CAMEC security entry door

-Large servery window.

-Parallel bearing axles and hubs

-Electric brakes

-Break away safety system

-Drop down stabiliser legs

Want to be part of the food truck action? Let us help you get started.

The Perth food truck scene has gone ballistic in the last few years with people joining the global street food revolution. Fast food that’s high quality and easy to get from a food truck is hugely popular and we have seen all of the our customers not only enjoy great success but already looking to expand. To that end when we discuss design and size please keep in mind that its always better to have more space than you need at start up. When we begin our journey together we will ask you a lot of questions about what it is you need and then we can package it all up for you.

-How many people will be working in the one trailer?

-What appliances do you need?

-What are you going to tow the trailer with?

-What power sources do you plan to use?

-What layout suits the work flow best?

-Do you need substantial space for carrying stock?

-What cold storage do you need?

-Are you aware of your council requirements?

-Do you need help with logo design and signage?

-Do you need help organising finance or hire of appliances?

From here we create CAD drawings of the layout of your food van so you know exactly what it’s going to look like before we make it. This is important to get right from conception because it’s hard and expensive to change if you make a mistake and that’s where our experience makes the difference.

What you will get building with us compared to others? Well from our first meeting at our large factory you will see that we are not a backyard manufacturer or Chinese importer posing as Australian made. We are a very professional outlet with highly experience staff that know how to run a project. You will also see that we build things from scratch and that the bulk of components are locally sourced. We do not only meet your shire requirements but surpass them to future proof your investment. The quality of the workmanship has that yesteryear feel of pride in what one is doing. You can meet the actual people who will be working on your van. You will be able to see that our construction ideas are not only better quality but more functional, being that you have to produce food fast to make money you need everything to function in the best possible way. And one of the most important things is you get to be involved. At the end of the day we are the experts in building but you are the expert in making the food and we need your input to make sure it works. You are always welcome to come down and see your food van in production through the various stages & make changes on the fly if you think of something during the build.

Payment terms are flexible depending on being self-funded or under finance.

Typically we require a deposit of $2000 to get started and then a further deposit when we are ready to order all of your appliances. Balance paid on completion.

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RV Solutions is a family owned business that understands the individual needs of every caravan traveller.