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Caravans for Sale Perth, Rockingham & Mandurah, WA

We’re mad campers ourselves, so we understand how much more enjoyable a trip can be with the right options and clever setup. We have customisable options for the budget conscious buyer all the way up to a top spec Wonderland with all the bells and whistles. We can assist with custom ordering your vehicle and have it delivered to you ready to tow and go.

Our trust in new builds falls under two major brands – Wonderland RV and ProRV Caravans – which have proven themselves year on year to deliver under the extreme conditions of our Australian outback.

The Wonderland is arguably Australia’s top Caravan brand that delivers a premium finish with robust build quality. Using cutting edge technology and manufacturing techniques they have established a top quality caravan that can handle anything you can throw at it. Equipped with the latest and greatest, a Wonderland RV allows you to experience our harsh outback in full luxury.
ProRV Caravans are another Australian brand that deliver huge bang for buck. A strong steel chassis forms the foundations of classic stick frame that has proven to be durable, cost effective and lightweight for recreation vehicle builds. Customisable with a multitude of various options and finishes, ProRV have the flexibility to tick all requirements when purchasing a new caravan, without the hefty pricetag that can often come with the territory. We pride ourselves in the ability to guide you through the process and ensure you get the most out of your RV.
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Pre-owned Caravans

Seeing our great land in comfort and style has to start somewhere, and it can often be done without the budget of a brand new vehicle purchase. Which is why we have a wide selection of used vehicles that have undergone multiple safety checks and refurbishments to ensure safety and quality in our used vehicle range. From vintage classics to vehicles with only a few years of use under their belt, we carry a solid range of vehicles that come with piece of mind and statutory warranty.


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RV Solutions is a family owned business that understands the individual needs of every caravan traveller. We have been a part of the industry since 1997 and have collected some of WA’s best minds when it comes to caravan repairs. We live and breathe caravans and RV’s and are confident that you will find our services efficient, cost effective, reliable and most convenient.

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RV Solutions is a family owned business that understands the individual needs of every caravan traveller.