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Brand new, custom designed and built food vans for sale from only $18,995!

Custom Designed Food Vans

A workspace is more efficient, cost effective and pleasant to work in when everything you need is where you need it to be. Custom designed, and purpose-built facilities are especially important when in compact mobile food trucks, food vans or service trailers.

When deciding on a van, it’s important to create something custom to suit your needs, not just buy any old food truck for sale. We have 20 years’ experience in the caravan industry and have completed many caravan-to-food truck renovations across Perth. This gives the team at RV Solutions a unique perspective on the custom trailer, truck and van industry.

We have found that sometimes a slight modification to an existing food van is all a customer requires. More often, however, a complete rebuild and total custom designed space is necessary to see a business really grow.

So how can we help you?         We are glad you asked!

We recognise the need for a top dedicated food truck servicing team within Perth, WA. This is why we have set aside a large portion of our new workshop to ensure that people within this industry are well ‘catered’ for.

If you have any food truck requirements, whether it be servicing, repairs, modifications or a complete custom build, we can help!

Not only that, but we have been able to source amazing high-quality products at great prices. This enables us to provide a complete ‘from design to drive’ food van package for an amazing $18,995.

Yes!    $18,995!

This base rate full package price is simply incredible, and at less than the cost of most caravan renovations, it is a welcome starting point for those in the mobile food industry. We are dedicated to completing custom builds from scratch, starting from the ground up. We also ensure we use as many locally sourced products as possible for your food truck build to give you peace of mind that you’re receiving the best quality.

The Food Truck Build Process

We offer a range of sizes, prices and styles to suit your budget, starting from our base package at $18,995.

  • In consultation with you, we design your food van’s interior and exterior spaces using 3D CAD.

This allows you to see your entire van before it has even been built! Walk through it and check window sizes. Is the door where you want it to be?

Any changes you decide on can be completed using this premium software, giving you the ability to see exactly what you are paying for.

Once you are happy with the design and have signed off on the layout of your new food van. You can relax and let us take care of the hard work for you!

  •  with  with We will source all materials from our amazing suppliers and start the build immediately.
  • First comes the custom trailer, top quality running gear, brakes and the perfect hitch equipment for your food van.
  • We build the shell using first class materials, ensuring that every aspect of your new business space is in perfect condition.
  • The internal fitting starts next.  Yes, we build from the inside out, giving us the ability to ensure that every part of your van is absolutely perfectly situated and sized!
  • Water and electrics are installed to suit your particular needs.  With water storage, water pumps, battery / solar set-ups and 240v and 12v connections as required.
  • The outer shell wraps securely around your food vans frame, providing you with a water and weatherproof space. The cladding and windows can be sourced in a number of different styles. Just another aspect of your van design you can pick and choose while exploring the 3D model of your food truck!
  • Once the build is finalised, we will customise the exterior. Paint, branding, and signage can be designed to reflect your particular style, and business.
  • A few final touches to make sure your food van is ready to roll. Then with all registrations in place, you can hit the road and start reaping the rewards of your foodie dream!

* Please note: Our basic food van builds start from $18,995. A typical food van build with all the extras can range between $50,000 to $60,000

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RV Solutions WA offer quality, custom-designed food trucks. If you would like to find out more about our food trucks and vans for sale in Perth, we would love to hear from you!


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