Want to sell your caravan but not keen on the hassle? Let us do it for you. We can consign your caravan for a flat fee which includes detailing, servicing and advertising.

How do I sell my caravan in Perth?

Would you like to sell your caravan but don’t want strangers coming to your house, dealing with people who don’t show up or want to barter you down on price, or even worse, internet scams? These are some of the pit falls of trying to sell your van privately. 

With our caravan consignment service, we take all the hassle out of moving on your van and handle all the enquiries, the paperwork and money handling. We can even organize to pick up the van for you, if needed. All you need to do is speak to one of our friendly team members about how much you would like to get for your van, and we can do the rest.  It’s that simple.

How much do I get when someone wants to buy my caravan?

 At RV Solutions WA, we do not charge a fee for our caravan consignment service and the agreed amount is what you will receive for your van.  After we have agreed on a price, we put our mark-up on top, keeping in line with the market price of your van. 

Caravan Consignment Service

Let our friendly team handle selling your caravan with our comprehensive caravan consignment service. In our mark-up, we include everything from pre-delivery, to professional detailing, a well written advert with professional photos, paid advertising and displaying the van in our sales yard where people regularly come looking to buy vans.

Our caravan consignment includes:

  • Pre-Delivery: We put the van through its paces and make sure that everything is in working order and is up to standard.
  • Professional detailing: This is carried out by our detailer, who is second to none, and has more than ten years’ experience cleaning caravans.
  • Professional write up: We take the time to identify all of the attractive features people are looking for in a caravan and list them in a clear, easy-to-read advert.
  • Professional photos: Photos are one of the most important things when trying to sell your van against the 100’s of others for sale.  We use a wide angel lens to capture as much of the caravan in each photo so people can really get a sense of the layout and feel. 
  • Paid advertising: We don’t just whack an ad on gumtree, anyone can do that. We use paid adverts to capture people when they are looking to buy. We also share the ads on our social media pages which have a total following of 16,000 followers. 
  • Displayed in our sales yard:  We have many people visiting our sales yard daily to see what we have for sale, even if they haven’t seen our advertisements. People like to buy from our yard because they know they can trust our work and we well and truly go the extra mile to maintain our good reputation.  
  • Warranty on work:  If you buy a van from us and there is a problem, you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond our legal obligations to fix any issues, and that is why we have the reputation we do. 


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RV Solutions WA offer full caravan consignment services from the Perth metro area, all the way to Rockingham and Mandurah. If you would like to find out more, we would love to hear from you!

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